How To


Does the Sand Lounger break easily?

Nope! We tested it to ensure its reliability. We’re confident it will provide years of value.

How heavy is it? Will it fit in my beach bag or carry-on luggage?

This was one of our goals: a lightweight, easy to pack solution to upgrade the beach experience. The Sand Lounger weighs just 13.5 ounces, and packs easily into a carry-on bag, beach bag or backpack.

Why recycled materials?

Another one of our goals is to help keep our beautiful oceans and earth clean. We source materials that may otherwise be disposed of in our oceans or landfills, and put them to great use!

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please feel free to use the “Contact Us” link above, or send an email to

Please remember, leave no trace! After you've enjoyed your day, please remember to fill in any holes you dug out to preserve the beach for wildlife that call it home.